THC-O, Delta-8, or Delta-10, Which One Is Best?

Updated: Jan 10

These are the new popular alternatives to traditional Delta-9 (Mary Jane). These cannabinoids are legal on a federal level due to the farm bill. There are a lot of questions regarding the different compounds and how they make you feel. One thing I can definitely attest to, I’m no doctor and this is not medical advice, is that they make you feel something. If I’m being frank and to the point my favorite is Delta-10, but let me tell you why.

From my experiences, I’ve have had different feels depending, not only on the compound, but the intake method as well. I have found that the intake method greatly varies in all compounds.

Flower typically has the least amount of potency as it is usually a “CBD” flower rolled or sprayed with a psychoactive compound. This method of intake is great for nastalgia, because who doesn’t like to feel like Cheech and Chong while trying to take the edge off. I really like using flower because it is easy to control the amount relaxation you’re trying to obtain. Plus I am a sucker all the different accessories you can buy for this method. The flower does smell just like traditional “pot”.

Vapes, also known as carts or disposables, are another method that involves the lungs for ingestion. This was the first way I tried delta-8 when it first began to hit the market. It generally offers a more potent psychoactive feeling than flower does. One of the best attributes of vapes is that they don’t have strong earthy smells and can be used inconspicuously. They too, are pretty easy to control the feeling, as long as you are easy with the inhale.

Edibles, Tinctures, and Oils are growing in popularity each day. Edibles have a wide range of potency, from beginner to snoop dogg. They come in many forms. I could go all bubba gump here and name all the ways you can make edibles, but let’s skip that and say if you can ingest it, they probably make it. The best part about edibles is that you can take them in public without anyone batting an eye. The worst part about edibles, it is very easy to overdo it. The issue is how long it takes to feel the effects. Since it is ingested as food, it has to go through the body’s natural cycle, which is perfectly fine as long as you are patient. On average, edibles take about an hour or more to kick in for me. Oils (dabs/wax) on the other hand have the ability to send you to space instantly or slowly, depending on how it is used. If you are trying to feel max effects in record time, then the dab method may be best for you.

Now lets get to the difference is compounds. These are all from my experiences. Let’s start with Delta-8, as it was the first mainstream cannabinoid after cbd. I love Delta-8, especially at the end of the day when I just want to sit in front of the tv and binge watch some Netflix. Delta-8 gives me a very calm, relaxed, body feel much like a traditional indica would feel. The feel also can be altered slightly depending on the ingestion method. I find with flower, I get a slight body “high” but more of a sleepy feeling. Having a doob before bed can definitely help to increase those sleep hours if needed. With the vapes, I feel like this is the method for all day use. It is easy to maintain the level you are looking for. I tend to use this method during high stress parts of the day to help me remain calm. I always keep a disposable on me just in case. The Delta-8 gummies are amazing, depending on the quality of the product. Edibles come in varying strengths. With high quality gummies and other edibles, you get a euphoric and relaxed feel. It’s very easy to eat one too many and find yourself stuck in an all day Harry Potter marathon with a case of the munchies. And go ahead and prepare for dry red eyes, because they are coming! Delta-8 is a good entry point into psychoactive cannabinoids.

Delta-10 is not yet as widely available as Delta-8, but it is climbing the ladder fast. When I first heard of Delta-10, the reviews said that it is more of a sativa feel and that it is weaker than Delta-8. I’m not sure if the quality those reviewers had was crap, or if my body is just different, but Delta-10 is absolutely not weaker than Delta-8 in my experience. I have developed a love for Delta-10. The feeling is indeed like a traditional sativa, it leaves me with sharp focus, high energy, and a carefree feeling. Edibles are the way to go for the full experience in my opinion. With the edibles the feeling is maximized and steps down much like Delta-8 does. I like to use Delta-10 during the day, to help keep tasks accomplished and Delta-8 at night when it’s time to wind down. Too much Delta-10 without any goal in place can lead to a case of “not a damn thing getting done today” though lmao! I find that it can have an alternate effect where I get lost in space if I overindulge.

THC-O is all the hype as I type this post. There are plenty of articles on how THC-O is developed, so we won’t get into all of the specifics. This compound can be pretty stout in terms of the feel. From my experiences it is a very similar feel to a hybrid Delta-9. I typically get a combination of head and body “highs”. I have heard of people overindulging and having very strong “psychoactive“ effects, but that has not been the case with me. I feel it is a very strong comparison too Delta-9. So if that is your thing, the I definitely recommend THC-O. I like them a lot, and will continue to study them haha!

So I find all of the compounds amazing for different scenarios. They all have their place in the cannabis world, but if I had to pick only one for myself, it would be Delta-10. I am a busy body and like to work at an efficient pace. I find that the right amount of Delta-10 helps me to make sure I am accomplishing my daily goals, while not stressing out about the minute details of life. Thank you for your visit!!! Take time and rummage through the site for more blogs, shopping, and posts on Cannabinoid.

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