How Delta-8 Changed My Perspective

Let me start off by saying that I am not a doctor or and none of this is medical or legal advice. I simply want to get my story out there for anyone who is curious about Delta-8 THC, THC-O, Delta-10 (new favorite compound), or any other cannabinoids that are out now. I am, at the time of this post, a 35 year old guy who has lived his life “by the book”. I dabbled with “pot” throughout high school and would have the occasional joint on an extended vacation, but I was never a full time cannabis extraordinaire.

When Covid-19 first hit the United States it caused many businesses to layoff or to shutdown. The company I worked for was one of the ”essential” 🤣 companies because it was manufacturing. I was an engineer there and given extra furlough days to use each week as business slowed down. Our nursing staff was also called in to assist with Covid-19 testing and tracing, I saw the extra days and lack of nursing as a sign to “smoke the occasional bowl” and try to enjoy life during a very stressful time.

During this time I had not yet heard of Delta-8 and had to make sketchy parking lot meet ups with the plug to get my flower. Being the paranoid guy that I am, I would always just picture FBI agents sitting in the other cars just waiting on the deal to go down. I’m a very straight laced guy and this was super uncomfortable for me. Georgia is not a very friendly state when it comes to “illegal“ substances. I continued with this method of purchase until around October of 2020 when I was researching ways to buy cannabis online. That’s when I discovered Delta-8.

I found a brand called Delta Effex, and watched every YouTube video I could find on the cannabinoid. From what I read and watched, Delta-8 was supposed to feel similar to Delta-9 (cannabis) but with less dramatic effects. So I gave it a go, and I can vouch for it feeling similar to Delta-9. The effects of Delta-8 vary by ingestion type and potency of the Delta-8 that you purchase. At first, all I could find was carts (vapes), and I continued to enjoy it this way for a few months. Then I came across the edibles, and that was a game changer.

Edibles, Edibles, Edibles oh how I do love Edibles! Initially, there were just a couple of brands and their quality could vary from batch to batch. Sometimes they were good and sometimes not so much. Now that the industry is more established and more competitors hit the market the quality has stabilized and even risen much higher than the initial launch. Edibles are much more potent than you would get out of a cart session. I’ve seen them range from 10mg per edible to over 100mg. Edibles are discreet, no one knows that you are partaking in happy time unless you tell them. I will say this, the edibles can have really powerful effects depending on the mg you take. If you are looking for an easy calming feeling, take a lower dosage, but if you want to rock out, a higher dosage can definitely make that happen. Now, how did Delta-8 change my life? I “was” a tightly wound type of person. I liked to do things my own way, I didn’t have a lot of compassion for people that weren’t friends or family, and I constantly felt that I wasn’t doing enough in my life. I was in the rat race, trying to get to the next level. I was not happy. I was fairly successful in my career, but it took a toll on my home life and my mental wellbeing. I couldn’t stand the work I was doing, even though I was good at it. I always wanted more, and was never content.

All of these things put together meant I was usually an irritable person, and the small things would seem like the end of the world to me. On top of all of this I would enjoy a few too many alcoholic beverages in the evenings and feel like crap the next morning. The cycle just went round and round, never stopping. Each promotion that came never changed the way I felt about myself or life. Once I began using Delta-8 daily, all of these feelings I had about myself changed. I started to realize how short our lives are on this Earth, and wanted to enjoy each minute of it. My fear of the unknown began to diminish, and my confidence began to grown, along with my hair lol! All of the things I have always truly wanted in my life started to become clear. I wanted to be free from this fake corporate world that we are taught to be a part of at a young age. All of the “normal” things that we are supposed to follow to have a “normal” life we not the things that were causing my happiness. So I began to do transition my life to my newly found goals towards freedom and happiness.

I realized that my life didn’t have to look like everyone else’s life. My family could pack up and travel the country if we really wanted to. We could move to Colorado if we wanted to. I wasnt really stuck like it seemed, I just needed to start moving in the direction that lead me to those things. Delta-8 gave me the strength to pursue these ideas. This is how came into fruition. I want this to be your go to for all of you cannabinoid needs. I want our members to feel like family! We have big plans for this company, and we are just getting started!

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